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Project 2
Project      : Promotion Video
Client        : Doto
Duration   : 0:59 mins
Content     : Nivethika
3D support: Pulkesh
Inspiration: Google Paper Art articles
Tools: Adobe after effects, Cinema4D, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition
Concept to Output
Climax scene from the video

Googles some articles with paper art designs inspired and leads to follow those style on this project.

Created those elements in 3D software(cinema4d) with realistic paperart look and feel. 

Modeling and Texturing
   Tools used: Cinema4D

Every scene is connected with a continuity shot, that will help to read the content as like a story. At the same time, I need to avoid using cliche graphical elements such as "Graph and Chart" for the word "Strategy", and "Mouse Clicks" for the word "Interaction"..etc

Composetting Scenes
Tools used: Adobe after effects

The network workflow of Adobe after effects and Cinema4D really helped to experiment all possibilities of both software together.

Tools used: Adobe after effects, Cinema4d

Our studio leaned some viewers psychology through social media posting experience. One of them is limiting video duration under 0.59 seconds. We found that viewers are ready to watch full-length video if its showing 0:59 seconds duration. but they may skip if it's 1:00 minute. So it was a challenge to limit the video duration under 0.59 seconds. 

Tools used: Adobe after effects,  Cinema4d

This video created for the promotion of company through different social media platforms. Requirement included limited time, should be a new style to target audience and attractive. 

                                         Content to script process completed in few discussions with content writer. Some of the words from the script was the reason to develop an idea through some identical element like rubix cube, school of fish, spaceship launch..etc. The combination of vibrant flat colors and three-dimensional graphics can catch viewers attention easily. Top of that, a simple sfx and not-complicated animations will make viewers attention to continue watching without scrolling down.   

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