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Project 1
Project       : Company Revamping Video
Duration    : 1:19 mins
Company  : Doto
Content     : Nivethika
3D support: Pulkesh
Inspiration : Apple Events - WWDC video
Tools: Adobe after effects, Newton, Adobe illustrator, Cinema4D, Adobe audition
Concept to Output
Initial concept visualisation

From paper sketches to screen design done in Adobe Illustrator. Spend time in design exploration to finalize colours and stroke styles. Adobe Illustrator is the best tool for recreating a brush stroke done with a brush pen on paper.

Stroke and style deciding

Created a palette with only two colours. '#191716' for black and '#f5f5f5' for off-white of the background. Screen design was done layer by layer in Illustrator to let After Effects animate those layers easily. All illustrations were printed to make the workflow easier.

Illustrated Screens
Tools used: Illustrator

Animation is done in Adobe After Effects and dynamics were done with the help of Cinema 4D. Used third-party plugin 'Newton' for creating more realistic animation in some areas. Chase font-family 'Miller' for fast readability and works well on an off-white background.

Tools used: Adobe after effects, Newton, Cinema4d
Tools used: Adobe after effects, Newton, Cinema4d

Sound effects and bg music of this video is really helping to viewers to read the perspective and feel of the animations. It is important in each shot as well as their quality of animation. So sound mixing done with no compromise of sound elements. it was necessary to re-create and record the sound of some scenes with real properties and also with the help of mimicry artists from the studio. Lol. Sound mixing and finalizing completed easily with the help of Adobe Audition.

This project was assigned as part of the company website revamping. Only one requirement was that it should convey the idea clearly and concisely within 1.5 minutes. The project's content and brainstorming sections should lead to interesting animations in a minimal style. I came up with brownish-black elements (#191716) on an off-white (#f5f5f5) background with a vignette based on the design style explanation.  


                                    Concept visualization of text content started with paper and pen. A presentation of ideas to a team of people, including a content writer helped to fine-tune the storyboard to convey the meaning. It was a challenge to create a connection in between the transition of each shot. 

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